Whats the Best 7 Seater Car ?

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Whats the best 7 seater car ?


Whats the Best 7 Seater Car ?

With the rise in popularity of the 7 seater SUV and the 7 passenger minivan, the scenario of the 7 passenger cars market underwent a massive change. Between the minivan and the SUV or sports utility vehicle though, the minivan does come in for a bit of criticism for its looks and safety aspects and bulky size. But it is, regardless an excellent choice for large familys looking for a 7 passenger vehicle. The SUV earns a lot of points for its looks, ground clearance and offers good safety for your family. So whats the best 7 seater car ?

Here are some of our favourites :

Jeep Commander
The 7 seater Jeep Commander gets its pep from a standard 3.7-liter V6 capable of 210 horsepower and 235 pound-feet of torque, a barely adequate engine in the 4,800-pound Commander. The Limited model has more punch thanks to a 5.7-liter V8 (optional on Sport), which cranks out 357 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque.

The SUV offers 7.5 cubic feet with all three rows in use, 36.4 with the third row stowed and 68.9 cubic feet with all rear seats folded.

With seven seats, an upmarket interior and great build quality, The 7 Passenger BMW X5 is a formidable 7 seater family car – and the latest version is practical and luxurious. The pair of optional seats in the boot are useful, and when they’re not in place the car has lots of luggage space.

Chevrolet Orlando
American brand Chevrolet has worked hard to give the 7 seater orlando a European flavour, and the result is this – the seven-seat Orlando MPV. It takes on rivals like the new Ford Grand C-MAX and Citroen Grand Picasso and has chunky off-road styling that hides a spacious and practical interior with lots of well thought-out touches

Ford S Max
The 7 seater Ford S-MAX is a brilliant people carrier, but as well as offering unrivalled practicality, it also delivers a sporty drive. The comfortable ride smothers potholes, yet you don’t feel as though you’re driving a tall, boxy people carrier. At the same time, the high driving position and big, airy interior mean visibility is good.

Whats the Best 7 Seater Car ?

Whats the Best 7 Seater Car ?

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