7 Passenger Volkswagen Touran

The 7 Passenger Volkswagen Touran is a small 7 seat MPV with a good amount of space for adults and things in the boot thanks to the boxy body. The design is more conservative than many of the stylish small MPVs out there but quality and comfort is praised by the experts.

7 Passenger Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen Touran


In the front of the 7 Passenger Touran, VW say that there are 35 different cubby spaces dotted around which means there are plenty of little spaces to hide beverages, snacks or even all the kids’ toys. In the middle row, three people can easily get comfortable with seats that slide forwards and backwards and they even recline.

Once you’ve gone through the many processes of tumbling the seats forward then getting into the third row is relatively easy but it’s really a kids only zone. Turning the 7 Passenger Volkswagen Touran into a van though isn’t that easy though since the seats are very complicated and difficult to fold flat or take out unless you’re a regular visitor to the gym.

Unlike most MPVs, experts the 7 Passenger Volkswagen Touran driving experience on the country roads is quite good with not much body roll and sharp precise steering. It’s also very relaxing on the motor way and easy to navigate around town thanks to good all round visibility.

There’s a range of new turbocharged petrol and diesel engines but so far experts have only driven the 1.6 TDI BlueMotion and 2.0 TDI 140 diesel. The smaller diesel boasts the most mpg (up to 60) but on the motorways it will struggle at overtaking while the bigger diesel overtakes effortlessly.

Value for money
Entry level S models are the most affordable and come with all electric windows, cruise control and air conditioning. Options include park assist which steers the car into a space for you, all you have to do is control the pedals! Once you move up the range, though, it does get pricey to some similarly equipped rivals.

Worth noting
While all over MPVs in this sector try their best at trying to be stylish or stand out, the Touran does look very bland compared to the rest. The square shape won’t be to everyone’s taste but it means the car can do what it’s supposed to do, carry families.

If you want a useable and small 7 seat MPV that’s good to drive with exceptional quality then the Volkswagen Touran is the car for you

Key Details

Volkswagen Touran Price range:
£16,805 – £25,380
Volkswagen Touran MPG:
34 – 52
Date released:

Replacement due:
Not for a couple of years
Volkswagen Touran Model history
This version of the Touran was released in 2010. It had new styling compared to the older version, and a range of more economical engines.
Engine to go for:
The 1.6 TDI BlueMotion is a good all-rounder that won’t cost a lot to run
Engine naming:
TDI refers to diesel engines, TSI to petrols Volkswagen Touran

7 Passenger VW

VW Touran

Volkswagen Touran,Compact MPV,7 Passenger Vehicles

Volkswagen Touran,Compact MPV,7 Passenger Vehicles

Volkswagen Touran,Compact MPV,7 Passenger Vehicles

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