Like many of the 7 seater family vehicles out there, the 7 passenger Volkswagen Routan comes with large cargo space suitable for families especially on weekends. It is a version of the Chrysler minivans but deviates from the model with addition of some features. We should state that it is really not a Volkswagen. It also comes with improved interior and cabin. The S is the entry level in the 2013 Volkswagen Routan model, the rest being SE and the top-of-the-line SEL model.

Volkswagen Routan Interior

The interior is nicer for some minivan drivers. The 7 Passenger Volkswagen Routan is fitted with three-row seats and thus no different from the many 7 passenger family haulers. With the SEL Premium model of 2013 comes eight-way power front seats and heated second-row seats. The second-row has good comfort and similar to the front seats. These seats are suited for adults than the seats in the third row, although the latter seats are larger than those installed in previous models. Although the third-row seats are better suited for kids, adults can get comfortable on shorter trips.

The 7 Passenger Volkswagen Routan second-row captain’s chairs can be folded and slide forward. It is possible to carry more cargo at the back because the third-row seat can fold flat. It is expected that the 2013 model of the Volkswagen Routan will have adult-sized third-row seats just as is the case with the Chrysler.

The 7 Passenger Volkswagen Routan affords 32.3 cu-ft cargo space behind the third row of seats and 83 cu-ft when the row of seats is folded. More than any SUV would, the Routan provides an excellent cargo space of 144.4 cu-ft behind the front row of seats. The leather upholstery on the standard seats has some resilience and this vehicle has better quality dashboard than the Chrysler.

The 7 Passenger Volkswagen Routan has normal airbags, is fitted with rearview camera and Bluetooth capability. It is also fitted with blind-spot monitors and stability control. At the rear-seat, it is fitted with a DVD entertainment systems with two LCD screens. Other features include the satellite radio, power tailgate and USB port. It also has a navigation system. It has seven airbags and a 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes for safety.

Volkswagen Routan Engine/MPG

The 7 Passenger Volkswagen Routan is powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, which is coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission system. This system can transfer power to the front wheels. The rating of the engine is 283 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. The EPA ratings are EPA-rated at an adequate 17 mpg city/25 mpg hwy, which makes it a better fuel saver than some 7 passenger vehicles out there.

Besides, the Routan affords a quieter ride on the highway, thanks to the noise suppression technology. The Routan also offers more disciplined body motions, thanks to the sportier tune on the Chrysler-sourced suspension. The precision on the steering means a better handling.

In conclusion, the latest 7 Passenger Volkswagen Routan is a good option for minivan lovers and will serve you with a good amount of cargo and passenger space and, hence, suited for family trips. In deed, it has a larger cargo space behind the front-row seats than any SUV.