The Toyota Verso is a good sized MPV that will save families a lot when on travel because of low fuel economy and reliability. It is a practical vehicle and comes with a lot of boot space when the second and third rows of seats are folded. Its design is van-like, with bumpy bonnet, and comes with an improved suspension to reduce chances of rolling.

Engine and MPG

The Toyota Verso has a good 2.0-liter engine that comes with a CVT system and affords good fuel economy and low emissions. It has been improved from an earlier 53.3mpg mark to the current 57.7mpg. CO2 emission has also been boosted to 129g/km from an earlier mark of 10g/km. This engine is offered with a six-speed manual transmission system. The engine can produce 122bhp and 310Nm and reach an acceleration of 0-62mph time of 11.3 seconds only. There is the option of a more costly 1.8-liter engine, but even this one is competitive enough, with fuel economy and CO2 emissions at 41.5mpg and 159g/km. There is also an option for the 1.6-litre petrol engine model, but buyers are recommended to go for the 2.0-liter option.


The verso has plenty of options with regards to seating, there is the option to fold all the seats at the rear, flat, in order to afford more space for cargo. With only front seats up, you can afford a luggage space of up to 982 liters. The folding of the rows of seats is easier, thanks to the Toyota Easy Flat seat folding system installed on the seven-seater. If you have had a vehicle where you needed a lot of human effort to fold seats, then you should appreciate the Toyota’s effort to bring in this system into this vehicle. What differentiates this vehicle as a seven-seater from many is not the size of the available cargo space after folding of seats: it is the seating arrangement that allows everyone to view the road at the front because the sitting position is higher than a hatchback. Toyota offers an option of a five-seater. The revised suspension and steering in the Toyota Verso should offer you a stiffer drive, and its steering and behavior around corners are more predictable now. The center console is of good size and there is a panoramic mirror to monitor passengers at the back, say when you want to monitor kids on your way to and from school. Inside, it has simple dashboard design, a panoramic roof and stuff holders.

Price in Europe and USA

The Toyota Verso costs about 17,500 to 23,450.00 Europe and United States.


There are alot of vehicles that can ferry families and cargo out there, but the Toyota Verso will be special because of the fact that it can save you a lot of fuel cost.