The Toyota Prius Plus is a MPV type vehicle that can to accommodate up to seven passengers and has space for luggage, this makes it a  good  a family hauler. It is an economical car considering the mpg. The Toyota Prius Plus is 85mm higher than standard Prius. It is also 30mm wider and 135mm longer. It has sharp corners at both sides of the front and has a lower grille that is much wider than earlier version. It has a roof spoiler at the rear, which helps reduce drag. The roof is elongated and gives the car a classic MPV silhouette. The T Spirit model has larger wheels (17-inch) than the entry level T4 trim (15-inch). It has 95mm wider tailgate compared to the Prius standard, which means it is easier to load larger objects. It is the first and only full-size MPV in Europe to afford carbon emissions (CO2) of lesser than 100g/km.

Engine and MPG

The Toyota Prius Plus is powered by a 1.8-liter four cylinder petrol engine. This engine can afford an output up to 134 bhp engine when supported by electric motor. The engine can afford a 68mpg fuel economy, which is good considering the fact that this vehicle hauls seven passengers. This means low fuel economy and which goes well with many family budgets when making long trips. The engine is coupled to a CVT automatic transmission system.


The cabin of the Toyota Prius Plus feels comfortable and a new digital screen has been added to the center console. There are buttons for the EV, Eco and Power modes on the console. The driver will enjoy the light controls and the instant torque. The vehicle also offers a good all-round visibility. Inside, the space is generous with plenty of headroom and legroom for passengers. Indeed, even those 6 feet tall will find the middle row comfortable but the rearmost seats are better suited for children. The car is spacious for cargo ferrying at the boot, and the space increases to 200 liters of boot space and if the rearmost row of seats is folded 505 liters. You can even fold the second row of seats to afford 1,750 liters of space. That tells you how helpful the vehicle can be when ferrying luggage. There is even extra space in the tray under the boot floor. Each of three rows is placed to give every passenger a standard view of the road, with third row placed 45mm above the second row and the second row placed 45mm above the first row. Inside is also a rear view camera, head-up display and a panoramic roof.

Price in Europe and USA

A new Toyota Prius Plus will go for a price range of about £27,445 to £29,795 in Europe and United States depending on seller and customer choice.


The Toyota Prius Plus is a seven-seat MPV vehicle and as many Toyota Prius Plus reviewers will tell you, it comes in handy if you are ferrying family and want space for cargo and luggage. It is considered economical because of fuel consumption and C02 emission is record low