Top 7 Seater Cars in the UK

There are a lot of great 7 seater vehicles. The first one on the top 7 seater vehicles list is the Land Rover Discovery. This is because the Land Rover Discovery is very well built and there is a plenty of room for the whole family in the Land Rover. This one of the 7 seater vehicles is a very comfortable way to travel for people who travel a lot with their family. It is great for people who live or travel on some rough roads. This is because it can handle excellently in the harshest of some road conditions. It gives people the feeling that they paid even more for it.

Peugeot 5008

The second one on the top 7 seater vehicles list is the Peugeot 5008. This is because the Peugeot 5008 is a great family car. There is a unlimited number of awards that this seven seater vehicles has won. It comes with a variety of different engines to fit what type of life that you and your family lives on a daily basis. The exterior of the vehicle is very great. It is known for its easy to fold down seats and plenty of places to store things in all of its cubby holes. This children will love this feature and will probably use it the most

Ford S-Max

The third one on the Top 7 Seater Vehicles list is the Ford S-Max. This is because the Ford S-Max is one of the most well known of the seven seater vehicles. It is one of the most fun vans to drive and there is plenty of room for the whole family and all of their stuff when the family is traveling. The engines on this van are very fuel efficient so you do not have to worry as much about spending a lot of money on the gas for the vehicle. This is great for the families would love to travel a lot. This is because they do not have to stop as much to get gas.

Ford Grand C-Max

The fourth one on the top 7 seater vehicles list is the Ford Grand C-Max. This is because the Ford Grand C-Max is the van was nominated for the European Car of the Year. It is one of the newest seven seater vehicles on the list. It is a great vehicle for a family who has younger children. This is because the seats in the van are not that big. Therefore, if you have older children then they will probably not have much room to move out in the van. It is also one of the best deals with a 7 seater vehicles on the list so it is very affordable to have so many seats in it.

SEAT Alhambra

The fifth one on the top 7 seater vehicles list is the SEAT Alhambra. This is because the SEAT Alhambra is a very fabulous and luxurious van. There is enough room in the van for all of the 7 passengers and all of their luggage and things when a family is traveling. The van is very easy to get in and out of. This is because of the sliding doors that open and close on their own so they are not hard to open or close up.

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