The 9 seater Peugeot Expert Tepee  is an MPV that is so spacious it can carry up to 9 people and thus fits for a large family. It is also designed to carry more cargo if you are looking for a family practical van even on the appearance and styling. Apart form the 9 sitter, one can go for five / six or eight seater options.  It has a sheer size and box-like appearance on the rear end and the body is generally large and van-like. The 2013 model has received a facelift from earlier model, where a black protective bumper has a different color from that of the body. The car looks more refreshed because of the added new grille. It is fitted with sliding doors from the left and right and windows can also slide to open. The manufacturer has included larger front windscreen and rear view mirrors, which provide good visibility.

Engine and MPG

The Peugeot Expert Tepee is powered by a 2.0-litre or 1.6 – liter diesel engine. The 2.0L HDi engine produces 163 hp and manages a fuel consumption of 15.15 km / liter for the 2013 Peugeot Expert Tepee. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission system. The vehicle can achieve a maximum speed of 99mph. Considering that it can haul up to 9 people, then 30-35mpg is not that bad, although it is not the best fuel economy option in the market. Earlier on, the 2.0-litre diesel engine was available in three power outputs, the other two being 128bhp and 161bhp.


The interior is fitted with three rows of seats but the rearmost row is optional. You will carry considerable amount of cargo even with all seats occupied and with these seats removed, then you can even rely on it to carry bulky goods such as furniture. It is tall enough (1,894 meters) to fit in equipment. You will find 1,068 litres of luggage space helpful with all seats occupied. And what about 2,814 litres when seats are removed, tumbled or folded? You will get value of the money with the comfort afforded at all of the seats. The arrangement provides plenty of leg and headroom for passengers. As the driver of Peugeot Expert Tepee, the direct steering will see you place the car accurately on the road, and thanks to better performance, you can now keep up with the traffic. The vehicle also manages good silence in the cabin, which offers good driving experience. It has also an additional feature to minimize overturning, called the ROM system, in addition to having airbags and ABS system for increased safety.


Price in Europe and USA

The vehicle costs about £23,485 to £29,830 in the US and UK markets although the internet provides several options for buyers today.


This is a special vehicle with an ability to carry large families (up to 9 people) together with their vehicles as agreed by many Peugeot Expert Tepee Reviewers. It still tries to and manages to achieve good comfort through good spacing of the seats. It can be termed economical if you are looking for a big practical vehicle as some Peugeot Expert Tepee Reviews will tell you.