The Peugeot 4007 is a large SUV that gets reasonably good reviews. Critics like its 7 seat practicality, impressive engine and good handling. They were less impressed by the way that the 4007 looks – and its price, pointing out that there are cheaper alternatives out there if you are looking for a seven-seater, four-wheel drive vehicle.

The interior is generally consistent with buyers’ expectations and few will be disappointed with what they find – but they won’t be surprised and delighted with it either.

The rearmost seats are “flimsy and uncomfortable” and are best viewed as suitable for occasional, rather than regular, use.

The Peugeot 4007 rides more like a hatchback than an SUV according to the experts, which is no surprise as Peugeot are renowned for the fine handling of their cars. Potholes and other poor road surfaces fail to disrupt the Peugeot 4007 ’s progress, a serenity that is helped by the quiet engine.

It steers well too, and is more fun on a twisty road than you might expect. The dual-clutch gearbox (straight out of the Mitsubishi Lancer) works very well and is seamless to use, giving smooth, lightning-fast changes. The only drawbacks are that the fuel consumption suffers just a little bit.

The only engine option is the 2.2-litre HDi diesel engine producing 156bhp and 285lb ft. It’s a willing and smooth engine with good low-down torque and mid-range pulling power, allowing decent performance if the driver is prepared to use the six-speed gearbox to keep the engine on the boil. Driven like this it can reach 62mph in 9.9 seconds and go on to a top speed of 124mph.

The fuel consumption is claimed to be 38.7mpg for the manual (37mpg for the DSG) although owners are unlikely to see more than 32-35mpg in either.

Value for money
The Peugeot 4007 costs more to buy and run than equivalent MPVs because of its four-wheel drive transmission, so prospective owners should be very certain that they will need the benefits that it gives. It is expensive compared to similar sized SUVs too, and depreciation is likely to be fairly rapid.

Worth noting
The Peugeot 4007 split rear tailgate (yes, just like the Range Rover’s) is incredibly useful, with most reviewers saying that it is a real plus point for the Peugeot.

The biggest problem that the Peugeot 4007 faces – along with all others in its class – is that it is trying to be everything to every owner. If you need a four-heel drive vehicle then there are better ones out there, as is the case if you need a seven-seater MPV.

If you do need a seven-seater soft-roader then alternatives to the Peugeot 4007 include its siblings, the Mitsubishi Outlander and Citroën C-Crosser, both of whom are cheaper and, to most eyes better looking too