The Mazda 5 is a compact multipurpose vehicle with a capacity of 7 passengers and has quite a distinctive look and provides a sporty feel to the handler. The Mazda 5 comes in three trim levels which are the midlevel touring, the base sport and the high line grand touring. Each of this has its unique features with the mid level touring having a leather wrapped steering wheel, fog lights, Bluetooth, and a trip computer. The sport has rear seat controls, a stereo with six speakers and a USB port, automatic climate control and full power accessories. The Grand touring has a satellite radio, sunroof, heated front seats, and xenon headlights. The Mazda is quite an efficient family car being relatively fuel efficient and affordable and its ability to maneuver through traffic is excellent.

Engine & MPG

The Mazda has 2.5 litre , four cylinder engine which produces  157 horse power and a torque of 163 pound per feet.  The base sport version comes with a six speed manual transmission gearbox but the other versions come with an automatic five speed transmission but also have a manual shift control. It can accelerate from 0 to 62mph within a time frame of 9.5 seconds giving it adequate acceleration due to the well thought gear ratios.  It has a fuel economy of 21 to 22mpg in city driving and 26 to 27 in highway driving thus translating to low running costs to the user.



Though the Mazda 5 is quite small relative to other MPV’s, its interior is quite versatile in that the captains second row is comfy and it is able to recline and slide, the passenger side seat has a fold out table and storage between it and the captains seat which can be stowed away to create space to move through to the third row. The dash board looks simple, elegant and modern and lacks the normal audio controls though they are easy to reach and use. The front seats are comfortable providing enough head and leg room. Having a wide sliding door makes it easier to access the third row seats and most suitable for kids because of the not so much legroom which will make it uncomfortable for adults. The second and third row seats can be folded to create more space for luggage.

Pricing in USA & Europe

The pricing of the Mazda 5 in the united states ranges from $20,000 to $25,000 while in Europe the price ranges from 19,995 to 21,295 making it relatively cheap and the cost of running it is relatively low making it a good bet.


In conclusion the Mazda 5 is a good family though a little small and each of them comes with traction control, standard stability, antilock disc brakes, full length side airbags and front side airbags and the brakes are good making it quite a safe car to drive in. Its small size is also a plus in that it helps in navigating through traffic and it has an amazing fuel economy thus running cost are manageable. Thus recommending to any potential buyer comes easily because of its versatile interior and additional features.