The Kia Sedona is a big 7 seater MPV that will be pretty cheap to buy and run. It doesn’t receive great reviews, mainly as the experts say that rivals are better and that it’s all a bit boring. Still, what it does offer is loads of space, and comfortable transportation for 7.

There is great space for 7 people in the Kia Sedona and each passenger can slide and recline their seats to make themselves more comfortable. The driving position of the Kia Sedona is good and the dashboard is well thought out with a high mounted gear stick and simple to find controls. Compared to rivals and the rest of the Kia range though, the interior is dull. Changing the 7 seater into a van can be difficult as the seats have to be lifted out to make use of the space.

It’s a 7 seater family bus that experts say drives, well, like a bus. It’s designed as a comfortable cruiser more than a driver’s car such as a Ford S-Max and around country roads it can roll about in the corners. Refinement at high speeds and the ride are reasonable enough but the Kia Sedona can jolt over rough surfaces.

There’s only one engine available for the Kia Sedona, a 2.2 CRDi diesel that produces 192bhp and goes from 0-60mph in 11.7 seconds. There’s a choice of a manual or automatic gearbox but if you choose the automatic gearbox the economy figures will suffer. The manual car produces 179g/km of CO2 and promises up to 42.2mpg while the automatic produces 20g/km of CO2 more and delivers 4.3mpg less. While the power sounds impressive reviewers say that it doesn’t feel as powerful as the figures suggest and that you’re better off with the manual version as the automatic struggles to deliver the punch at times. Refinement is good though and the Kia Sedona is one of the cheapest to run compared to the rest of the class.

Value for money
The Kia Sedona is the cheapest to buy and run in its class and comes with a good warranty but depreciation will be steep as the car isn’t as desirable as a VW Sharan. Standard equipment is generous with all cars getting four electric windows and air conditioning and the top spec car gets leather seats, cruise control and a reversing camera.

Worth noting
While equipment is generous reviewers say the Kia Sedona does feel utilitarian compared to rivals from SEAT & Ford. Both cars feel more upmarket with the Ford S-Max being fun to drive and the SEAT having a better quality interior and optional electric sliding doors available to make getting into the back easier.
If all you need is a 7 seater that will get you and your family from A-B without breaking the bank then the Sedona may be for you as it is the cheapest to buy and run in the class and comes with a warranty that lasts.