The 7 Seater Kia Carens is a seven seater multi purpose vehicle developed with the family in mind. Its spacious interior and its features provide for the comfort of the family drive. It has a good all round visibility for the driver while driving. It is quite stylish with swept back lights, LED tail light and intricate creases give it a stylish and unique look. Its design makes it quiet on the high way and insulation from wind and road noise is made possible. Its engine runs efficiently to provide a smooth journey for all the occupants in the vehicle.


There is an option of three engines, two diesels and one petrol. The common thing among the three is that they have direct injection and the two diesel engines have the same rail technology. In an orderly form we have the 1.7 litre diesel engine that produces 114 horse power, the 1.7 litre diesel engine that produces 134 horsepower. They come with both the manual and automatic transmission six speed gearbox system. The diesel engined Kia carens has a turbocharged 1.7 litre, four cylinder engine that gives 192lb of torque and an average fuel consumption of 60mpg. It also has a maximum speed of 112mph and can accelerate from 0 to 62mph within a time frame of 12.6 seconds while the 1.6 litre petrol engine has a fuel economy of 44.1 mpg, though smooth iit is relatively underpowered when fully occupied.


The kia Carens MPV has quite a spacious interior with a capacity of seven passengers it was made entirely with the families comfort in mind. It has several features which make it stand out, they  include the panoramic roof, cubby holes, tray tables which are built into the front row seats,  power points, and space below the boot floor that store the luggage cover when not in use also the boot light comes in handy as a torch when circumstances demand . The front passenger seats can fold flat to enable one to carry large cargo and the middle row seats can slide and fold separately. The rear seats are easy to fold to the boot floor though they lack enough head and legroom.


The price range of the Kia Carens in the Europe ranges from 19,195 – 24,845 while in the United States the price ranges from $25247 to $ 32678 which make it quite affordable and still offers its value for money on the features provided and on its performance.


In conclusion the Kia Carens MPV stands out as a reliable, stable, and stylish in both the interior and the exterior looks, its comfort and the extra features provided make it stand among the best mid sized MPV’s available. Its low fuel economy is also a plus which translates to low running costs to the owner. The spacious interior provides enough room for the family, with the seven seater able to carry a large family comfortably without stress. It is also good for long distance traveling and it provides enough room for luggage. From this we can tell it is a good ride for the family.