The 7 seater Ford Galaxy gets some great reviews, and comes with a wide range of engines and trim levels to suit all tastes. The journalists say it’s comfortable, with some good engines and impressive ride quality.


MPVs matter most on the inside, and the Galaxy doesn’t disappoint. It seats seven adults in comfort, with plenty of space inside to stretch out. If you remove some of the seats, then a vast luggage bay becomes available, and you won’t be short of storage cubbies either. Critics say the driving position and visibility are both very good.


Ford knows how to make cars handle, and although the Galaxy is no sports car, it drives well for its size. Ride quality is very good, and there’s even a little steering feel.


The range kicks off with a petrol turbo, in the form of the 1.6 EcoBoost. A wide array of diesels are also available, and judging by reviews they’re still the ones to go for. They combine strong torque with good economy.


The Galaxy can certainly be recommended. There are cheaper options out there, but the Galaxy matches decent running costs with a good drive, and it will certainly prove comfortable on family trips.