Fiat Doblo

The 7 passenger fiat doblo is a practical and affordable MPV that gets fairly decent reviews. The experts say it’s surprisingly good to drive, won’t cost too much to run and can carry lots of luggage. The top-end models are too expensive though, and the entry level models don’t come with a lot of standard equipment.
Fiat Doblo 2013The Fiat 7 passenger Doblo is another mini-MPV that’s based on a van, the Doblo Cargo in this case. The standard pros and cons apply; the huge amount of space and commanding driving position must be balanced against the fact that it isn’t quite as good to drive as a dedicated car.

The Fiat Doblo has a tough, no-nonsense interior that isn’t very good-looking but should last quite well. It has everything that you might reasonably need and is huge; one reviewer said that getting into a Fiat Doblo is “like entering a cathedral”.

The driver’s position is upright but it is comfortable and gives a commanding driving position and a great view of the road ahead.

Families will love the Doblo; the boot is enormous and tall enough to fit a bike in an upright position. Customers also have the option of having seven seats rather than the standard five, all of which are comfortable, although legroom can be a bit tight in the back.

The Fiat Doblo is surprisingly car-like to drive and has excellent ride quality – as long as there are a few people in it, otherwise the stiff suspension tends to bounces around a bit. The payoff for the ride quality is that the body does tend to roll quite a bit.

There are only a few tests of the petrol engine and the experts tend to agree that the diesel engines are the best bet, with the cheaper, smaller 1.6 MultiJet being the smoothest, most economical and nicest to drive.

Value for money
The consensus seems to be that the well-equipped models are too expensive and the cheap models are too basic.

Worth noting
If you fold the rear seats down then you’ve got 3,200 litres to play with, which is an awful lot!

If you think of the Fiat Doblo as a “Fiat Panda in shoulder pads and platform shoes” then you won’t go far wrong. It will appeal to families on a budget who appreciate a bargain and are prepared to sacrifice a little to get it.

Just don’t buy a top-of-the-range model; buy a ‘proper’ MPV with a basic trim level instead.

Key Details
Price range:
£13,080 – £20,075
38 – 56
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for a few years
Engine naming:
The MultiJet engines are diesels

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Fiat Doblo,affordable MPV,7 Passenger Fiat,MPV,Doblo Cargo,7 Passenger Vehicles

Fiat Doblo,affordable MPV,7 Passenger Fiat,MPV,Doblo Cargo,7 Passenger Vehicles

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