The 7 Seater Fiat Doblo is a car for the whole family. If you are looking for an inexpensive car to transport a large family, then the Fiat Doblo is what you are after. Thus, because of the large space that it provides you would expect it to have a steep price like any other high class 7-seater car, but that is not the case; it has a cheap price and a low running costs too. Therefore, it really is a viable or even the best option to choose.


The 7 seater fiat Doblo ‘s interior is very user friendly and provides simple and easy controls scheme. The gear lever is also mounted high to allow easy reach. The steering wheel can also be adjusted for the driver’s height and reach. Because of the large glass area of the car, it allows good visibility as well. The 7 seater Fiat Doblo ‘s height is an advantage and guarantees that there would be adequate headroom for everyone. It also has side doors to aid access easily. It just means that no one will struggle for space and also it allows more rear legroom.

Maybe one drawback for the 7 Seater Fiat Doblo is that the space in the rear of the car is very limited. That means that there wouldn’t be any place to put any of your bags if you’ve got a full group. The backseats are only suitable for smaller body types, meaning only small adults or children can fit perfectly without any discomfort. If you’ve got luggage then checking whether it would fit with the entire group is a must. The backseats can be removed to create more space for your things and other whatnot.


The 7 Seater Fiat Doblo’s 1.6 litre diesel engine provides smooth driving but the noise it produces when operating is trapped inside the car because of the box type body. You can also hear some of the noise created when driving through big bumps and rough roads, but none of those noises can be considered as deafening.

Because of the high efficiency and low emission output, the running costs for the vehicle are considered very low. The 1.3 diesel engine from the old model gives out excellent fuel efficiency but because of this the car’s speed is totally compromised giving it just a 97 mph top speed. The time it takes to get to about 60mph is 16 seconds. The newer 1.6 diesel engine ranges between 40 to 60 miles per gallon and the top speed can rise up to 98 to 111 miles per hour.


If you would want a comfortable car that will allow you to fit in a large group of people, most probably your family, then opting for the 7 seater Fiat Doblo would seem best. It allows you to have a large space for your travels and it also comes with a very low price. The diesel engines are clean and efficient giving you a running cost that is not too high.  So if you would want an affordable and easy to use car for your family, then choose the 7 seater Fiat Doblo.