The  Citroen C-Crosser gets reasonable reviews, with praise for its good looks as well as its enjoyable driving experience. It’s an SUV that can carry five people in comfort plus two children or smaller adults since the third row is a bit tight. The diesel engine is impressive and running costs should be low.


It’s actually a very flexible interior compared to the likes of more premium small SUVs as it can seat seven people. There’s a good amount of space in the front and middle rows but the third is only appropriate for children and getting the seats in place is a challenge. There are mixed reviews on the quality with some saying that the parts (which are provided by Mitsubishi) are solid yet other reviewers say the interior is a bit on the cheap side.

Overall the driving experience of the Citroen C-Crosser is very good. Reviewers love the fact that it feels car like with good steering and a good chassis. Being a 4×4, the Citroen C-Crosser makes a mockery of bumps on the road and it’s a comfortable motorway companion.


The Citroen C-Crosser comes with a 2.2 litre diesel that surprised reviewers. It’s powerful yet it returns good economy albeit not the best in class. It’s a very refined unit too which delivers the power when you demand it making it good for overtaking on the motorway. You can choose between a manual or a DCS Automatic gearbox and both receive equally good reviews.

Value for money
Surprisingly, this Citroen C-Crosser is actually quite pricy compared to some rivals but the brand are usually lenient when haggling for discounts. The only great thing is how the car drives and it’s a pity it doesn’t do everything else as well as some rivals. Standard kit includes climate control, cruise control and automatic headlamps.
Worth noting

Resale values of Citroen C-Crosser’s are weak and the cars are not the most reliable. It’s also worth considering its cousin, the Mitsubishi outlander.

If you want a seven seat SUV which is fun behind the wheel and good on the motorway then it’s worth considering the Citroen C-Crosser.