Chevrolet Orlando 7 seater

The 7 Seater Chevrolet Orlando is a 15ft 3in long five door multipurpose vehicle. It’s a seven seated and is very spacious people can easily fit into it. It was first introduced in the 2008 Paris motor show as a concept car. It provides a glimpse of the European designs by its low roof line and crossover built. This seven-seater has 3 rows, 6 airbags, anti-lock breaking system (ABS), three 12v power socket, electronic stability control (EBS) etc. These are the features that add charm to the car. All the features are  modern features, that are very much beneficial these days. Along with the main features there are some side by features too like the height of drivers seat is adjustable, there is center console storage with 2 cup holders and it also has multi-storage option. Along with these new feature there are all the feature that are there in Chevrolet Cruz.


The 7 Seater Chevrolet Orlando has an adequate amount of room for seven fully grown passengers. So, if you are claustrophobic then you do not have to fear, the car provides ample space to everyone seating inside.Its also very well put together for this price point , with a much nicer feel that others in the same price range


The Chevrolet Orlando comes loaded with 1.8 L petrol mill and 2.0 L diesel power train. The diesel engine delivers  131 bhp at 3800 rpm, where the petrol variant delivers 141 bhp at 6200 rpm. Both the variants come with the six-speed manual gearbox. On a record the 7 Seater Chevrolet Orlando goes from 0-60 mph in 11 seconds, which is good enough for a giant car.

Gas mileage/MPG

The  Orlando is fully packed with all new features that people consider while purchasing a car and something that is very tempting about the car is the mileage. On average the 7 Seater Chevrolet Orlando provides 22 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway, which is a great mileage considering that it is a muscular giant. If the mileage is something that makes you think twice before purchasing any car then you do not have to think twice before purchasing this car.


Considering that it is a 7 seater muscular giant that is fully loaded with the modern-day required features, the car is outstanding. It is a competitor to the Ford’s grand C-MAX and Toyota Innova.Capacity of the car is that of a minivan and it drives like the Chevrolet Cruz. The exterior of the car are great, that adds an extra charm to the car. The front of the 7 Seater Chevrolet Orlando looks like the European crossover, has sweeping headlamps, has detailed tail lamps, and has stylish rear view mirrors. Most of the features in the car are very much like that of Cruz and this should be noted that the Cruz has amazing interiors.

The Chevrolet Orlando is a car that is worth the money  being paid for it, So, if you have a big family and you want a big car that can comfortably seat seven and is not very expensive then it is a great option