7 Passenger BMW X5

If your wondering ..Does BMW make a 7 passenger vehicle ? your in luck, The BMW X5 as a model has been around for quite some time now and has been a consistently well-selling car for BMW over the years. Credited with excellent build quality, brilliant driving dynamics for a 4×4 and good looks, the BMW X5 is a decent bet for anybody looking for a new family car. The one downside though is it can seem pricey compared to its rivals who offer the same levels of ability.



Being a 4×4, there is ample space in the BMW X5 for five people. However if you opt for the seven-seater version people in the back may wish they had walked as it is a bit cramped; a Land Rover Discovery will carry 7 easily and more comfortably. The quality of the inside is hard to fault though. Made with sound materials that are well put together, the cabin is a very nice place to be in.


On the road, the BMW X5 boasts the finest driving experience in its class. Considering the fact that it is a 4×4, it handles more like an executive saloon; at times it can be easy to forget you are driving a machine of the BMW X5’s size. If you want your car to be even better in the bends though you have the option of specifying the M Sport model which tightens the suspension. However, what the BMW X5 gives in on-road class it loses on off-road ability; if you want a mud-plugger, look at a Land Rover.


Two diesels and a petrol are the standard engines on offer, the 30d, 40d and 50i. The 30d is the most popular choice among the critics as it provides the rare balance of necessary get up and go and fuel economy. However, this in no way means that the other engines are bad; all provide more than enough power to get you to where you need to go in good time, all you have to decide is how much you want to spend on fuel. The petrol unit for instance loses 10mpg over the 30d.

Value for Money



One of the main criticisms of the BMW X5 is its price. With its high base price, the cheaper BMW models such as the brilliant 5-series start to look mighty appealing. However, being a Beemer, it does hold strong residual values and comes well equipped. On the other hand, the insurance groups that it lies in are high and servicing costs are equally stratospheric; if you’re looking for a cheap to run 4×4, the BMW X5 isn’t for you.

Worth noting

There can be no doubt that the BMW X5 is a more than capable car (its on-road prowess for such a large car is frankly ridiculous) but the costs of actually buying and owning the thing are never cheap. And if you’re looking for a car that will happily seat five people (which is how the BMW X5 works best) in comfort, what exactly is wrong with the 5-Series? If you want a 4×4 that’ll cover the ground as well as it will cover the road, and carry people more than happily, buy a Land Rover Discovery.

Key Details

Price range:
£44,555 – £82,205
20 – 38
Date released:
Replacement due:
Likely within a year or so
Model history:
In 2010 the BMW X5 got an update. The new version features different exterior styling, an improved interior and a new range of engines.
Engine naming:
Engines ending with an ‘i’ are petrol, those with a ‘d’ are diesel BMW X5

2013-BMW-X5 interior

BMW X5 Interior

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