Best 7 Seater Crossovers

When the going gets more difficult than your average road you might need get yourself a mid-size to large three-row crossover or SUV. Here are a a few of the best 7 seater crossovers currently available on the market.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander 7 seater crossover

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a mid-sized four-wheel drive estate car that can fit seven people in – at a pinch. Its road manners are pretty good and it’s got enough off-road ability for most owners too.

Motoring journalists tend to love it or hate it, so it’s definitely worth driving the Mitsubishi Outlander before you buy one, just to make sure that you’re a fan!

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Hyundai Santa Fe


The 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe is a good value SUV that gets some impressive reviews. It comes with an excellent engine that’s powerful and inexpensive to run.

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Audi Q7


The 7 seater Audi Q7 is Audi’s first attempt at a proper 4×4, and they’ve done well! The critics generally praise it, but many comment it is just too big . However if you need loads of space, and want to carry up to 7 people in style and comfort, then it’s a good choice.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport


The Land Rover Discovery Sport is the long-awaited replacement for the Freelander. It was a small crossover SUV built years before other car makers decided to get in on the act. The Discovery Sport’s main rivals are the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC.

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