Nissan X-Trail

With seven seats, the Nissan X-Trail is currently the biggest SUV the firm builds. Rivals include the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and the Honda CR-V.

The X-Trail’s interior has a similar design to the one found in the Nissan Qashqai, so it’s simple to use, if a little uninspiring to look at, and the car’s standard five-inch touchscreen display means there isn’t a sea buttons to contend with.

Inside there is plenty or room for five adults, but the two seats that fold out from the boot are best reserved for children. Even with them in place, though, the X-Trail has enough space for a few suitcases.

One of the diesel X-Trail’s most impressive feats is great fuel economy, and it is capable of nearly 60mpg. Sadly though performance isn’t great and that’s true even if you go for the more powerful petrol model.

Although the X-Trail feels safe and secure on fast country roads, it is better suited to fast (and quiet) cruising on the motorway, where its suspension irons out the worst of the bumps in the road.

Even the basic model comes with alloy wheels, cruise control and climate control, but you’ll have to specify the Acenta+ trim level to get a sat-nav.

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